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As a proud citizen of St. Charles, I am passionate about making our community and Missouri a better place for my children and grandchildren.  I firmly believe in:

  • Her Choice

  • Responsible Gun Ownership

  • Government led by Qualified People Held Accountable

I hold dear the rights and principles of government set down in the U.S. Constitution and our Missouri Constitution.  With politicians continuously attempting to curb your rights, I will fight for them.  I will fight to build an efficient and effective Missouri Government that serves its citizens.


I am your Constitutional Democratic Candidate.  


If you believe Trump lost, you are with me.


The guiding principles of my campaign are boiled down to four simple pillars:

  •     Equality

  •     Efficiency of Government

  •     Infrastructure

  •     Civic Engagement

Knowing these pillars, you can know how I will support your interests and bring your voice to Jefferson City.

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I am honored to have Missouri organizations and citizens place their trust and confidence in me through their endorsements and designations. I pledge to work hard to develop and protect our shared values.


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