Standing with Missouri's Educators

Teacher and Pupil

Public education has been a staple in American life, ensuring that students can grow and become productive members of society.  While Missouri's public education system is still a marvel of the modern world, we are falling behind the rest of the nation.

Inadequate funding has caused teacher shortages, 4-day school weeks, and reductions in adequate student transportation.  Missouri schools have ranked 49th in early education, yet, children enrolled in early education programs are more likely to be academically prepared for future grades and are more likely to graduate.  Further, zip codes have become indicators on whether schools will have the resources they need to perform as too much funding is tied to local taxes.

We need a change.  We need to work closely with the teachers, the teachers' union, the administration, and the community to find ways to improve the educational environment and make Missouri students the best they can be.

We need to ensure funding not only accounts for the operation of our public schools, but that it is sufficient to empower them to lead the next generation of learners. 

We need to provide funding that will allow Missouri schools to retain their talented faculty, administration, and staff while also attracting new, talented individuals to teach our students. 

We cannot lower our standards and expect performance.  We must improve our schools and give them the resources they need to excel.