Building an Economy that Works for Missouri

Business owners in Missouri have been hit hard in recent years, but we have managed to continue to our economy continues to grow.  Despite dealing with supply chain issues, labor shortages, a war in Ukraine driving up energy and food prices, and the continued impacts of the Covid pandemic, Missouri increased the Gross Domestic Product by State (GSP) by 4.6% in 2021 compared to 2020.[1] 

For businesses, we need to partner with business owners to understand the bottlenecks and pain-points that their businesses face and remove those obstacles.  We need to improve decades old infrastructure and improve Missouri's ability to compete in the modern economy. 

Red Tractor in Field

For Missouri citizens, we need to make sure that every working citizen has a livable wage.  We need to listen to our citizens and fund the Medicaid expansion.  And we need to focus on helping Missouri families thrive.



[1] Missouri Economic Research and Information Center