It's Her Choice

A woman’s body is her own.  A women's rights should not be subject to a legislator's whim.  Discussions regarding exceptions for rape and incest are distractions from the issue.  The issue isn’t how she got pregnant. The issue is  what she chooses to do going forward.  Her body.  Her decision.

As a Pro-Choice candidate, I will fight to restore a woman’s right to privacy, and to codify into law a woman’s right to choose!

Responsible Gun Ownership

I am a lawful, responsible gun owner, and I respect the rights protected by the Second Amendment.  That said, the Second Amendment does not protect a dangerous person’s ability to commit atrocities like Uvalde and the 300+ mass shootings this year alone.[1]

We need to unite together to introduce common sense gun regulations that can help stop the wave of gun violence in our schools, our homes, and our public venues.  

Everybody knows that the problems are deeper than gun access, but getting guns out of the hands of those who are clearly exhibiting dangerous, threatening behavior is as common-sense an idea as it comes.


Saving lives and protecting rights:

On average, more than 110 Americans are killed with guns and more than 200 are shot and wounded every day.[2]  High-profile shootings in our schools, in our streets, at our churches and synagogues continue to dominate the news.  We need to keep our families and our children safe.  We need background checks, red flag laws, and research into ways to combat gun violence.  

By working together to prevent gun violence, we are making the world safer for our children and our families, while protecting responsible gun owners' rights.

[1] Washington Post 

[2] Everytown Research and Policy

A Strong Economy

Building a strong economy requires Missouri businesses to have the resources and labor they need to succeed, requires individuals to have the income and support needed to grow their families, and requires the Missouri government to build infrastructure and remove barriers that get in the way.

Despite the rhetoric, Missouri's economy continues to grow.  Gas prices are down.  Inflation has peaked and has begun to decrease for the second month in a row.


We do not need to waste time raising politicized alarms, we need to help Missouri businesses impacted by the pandemic and by transportation bottlenecks.  We need to find solutions to the labor market concerns.  We need to help families facing increased food costs.  We need to continue to focus on employment and job creation.  Enough talk!  Let's work together to provide relief to impacted Missouri businesses and families.  Let's position Missouri's economy to be competitive in the global market for years to come.

Stand with our Schools

Education is a three-legged stool - teacher, parent, and student.  All three are equally responsible for the success of the student.  And to enable that success, we must make sure that schools, teachers, and staff receive the funding they need to achieve.

For years, politicians have attempted to reduce funding of public schools, either outright or through vouchers.  The results of this policy are clear: our schools no longer have the resources or the teachers to meet the standards of modern education.  I will fight to ensure Missouri's schools are funded and to ensure they have sufficient resources to retain and to hire the amazing teachers, administration, and staff required to educated our children.

Marriage Equality

I believe that Love is a hard thing to find, to hold onto.  When it fills you, it grips you with a force that can not be denied.  Nobody can tell you that you shouldn't love that person.  Love is without question, one of the most powerful of forces instilled in mankind by his creator. 

If Love isn't a God-given gift, I don't know what is.

If any people, anywhere on this planet should be remembered in history for their willingness to fight for the rights of all people everywhere, it should be us, here, and now.  Let us remember that Love starts at home.

Love Equals Love