We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal. (Preamble)

...nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws. (14th Amendment).

Those words are quintessential to this country’s existence as it was conceived by the Founding Fathers.  They gave our forebears, and they GIVE US direction to a path that can lead this country and its citizens to a better, more inclusive country. These ideas are hard to achieve.


And even harder to hold on to.

Equality is not favored by all.  Since this nations beginning, so-called leaders at the highest level of government have tried to usurp the intent of the Founders and impose their moral and social codes upon the rest of us. 

The current conservative majority on the Supreme Court seem to be carrying on the philosophies of the Insurrection from within.


They have already declared their intention to erase the social progress this country has been making since the end of the Civil War.  


They have power, and it seems that they intend to use that power to fundamentally reinterpret what this country's goals and values are. 

I intend to see this fight won by the good guys. 

We are the good guys.


Equality Under the Law


Efficiency of Government


I’m tired of paying taxes to a government that doesn’t answer the phone. I’m tired of a government that loses my tax return or can’t get my passport processed in a timely manner.


I DO mind not getting my money’s worth. And that’s how I sometimes feel when I’m dealing with government.


Now that said, every day I see examples of a federal government that does a stellar job on many fronts. It protects its citizens from threats foreign and domestic, including laws and departments to keep our air and water clean, our national resources intact. Federal employees work hard, as nurses at the VA hospitals, and at FEMA and thousands of other jobs, trying to do the job they have as best as they can.



We want a government that works for its citizens. We want a strong military, and we also want a strong social safety net. 


We don’t want to hear that our government can’t do that.


We know better.

We have seen this government put men on the moon. We have seen them clean up this nation’s air.

We have seen this country act out of kindness and courage to solve some of the most terrible issues that plagued the world.


They still do when they don’t have the reins of the Right holding them back. 


The problems of waste and inefficiency in government aren’t all one party's fault and the answers don’t all lie with one school of thought.


But the answers must come from people who want to fix the problem, not exacerbate it.


We as citizens must DEMAND accountability from our government, and in return we MUST provide government with the direction and support of the will of the people to succeed.


I firmly believe that we need to renew our expectations of government and show future generations that  we can function as a powerhouse of innovation and can provide  social benefits that are unachievable by the private sector alone. That effort begins with efficient local and state government. I will strive to make sure the Missouri government effectively serves its citizens.


Civic Duty and Engagement

Every citizen has a civic duty to help our community and government, and civic engagement is how we build a government that works for its citizens.  We must vote, serve, speak up, and engage.  Our country and our state has been built by public servants, community activists, passionate citizens, and other civic minded people who have stepped up and served. 

So many people have helped voice opinions, called their representatives, spoke out, or stood up for our beliefs and our values. 


If we do not stand strong and perform these civic duties, the void of our inaction will be filled with parties that do not have our best interest at heart.  


In the simplest of actions, voting is a fundamental right and our highest civic responsibility. 



People have fought and died to protect our right to vote, and today we still fight to ensure legislators do not strip the right to vote from citizens. 


We have seen how legislators talk out of both sides of their mouth, on the one hand calling for support for law enforcement, while at the same time attempting to strip funding from police budgets, and ambulances, and schools and public services simply by proposing to eliminate property taxes. Lower taxes always sound like a good idea, until you think where that money was supposed to go, and what services will be slashed that make your community safe and secure, and educated. How your real estate value is based upon the quality of your communities services.


 Missouri Legislatures have even made it a crime for individuals to solicit voter registration. 



These decisions on local levels are made by officials elected by small numbers of voters, but the impacts are felt in the depths of every Missourian’s core values. 


 As citizens, we have a civic duty to engage in local and national politics and serve our communities.  We cannot let apathy lead to suppression. 

I hope that you vote for me - I AM ASKING FOR YOUR VOTE - but whatever your decision, get engaged, and go vote. 

Construction Managers

Improving Missouri's Infrastructure

Meanwhile, school shootings have placed an increased burden on educators and taken a social toll on our children.​

At a time when we need the best teachers, the best counselors, the best administrators, Jefferson City has continued to underfund, and failed to anticipate growing education needs.  Instead, they attempt to undercut public schools by offering vouchers, which further strip public schools of critical funding. 

The digital divide in rural communities has left many Missourians without high-speed internet. 

As small towns throughout America are losing their populations due to lack of employment opportunities and as the online workforce continues to grow, this absurd lack of technology prevents rural Missourians from participating in the online job market.  Even worse, the Federal government has made funding available to improve these infrastructure components.  At what point did Missouri legislators give up on building a better state?​

Every Missourian should be treated equally and should be part of how Missouri is governed.  As your elected Missouri State Representative for the 106th District, I will fight to maintain and to improve infrastructure.

Missouri is resilient, strong, and able.  There is no reason why we cannot build a better community together!

Good infrastructure is good for Missouri.  Good schools, roads, parks, all will raise your property value, but division has taken a toll on all this infrastructure. ​

Transportation has suffered. Roads and bridges are crumbling.  Public transit is nearly non-existent.

Education has suffered. Arguments continue to be raised over funding public schools, yet the pandemic has shown us the critical importance of our school as a place for educating and socializing our children, feeding children facing poverty, and reporting cases of child abuse.​